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About Us

Who we are?

JLP AUDIOVISUAL SERVICES has been operating since 1996 in domestic markets with headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, serving the entire southeast region. Our mission is to provide infrastructure in rental and services of:

  • audiovisual equipment;
  • informatics;
  • multimedia,
  • simultaneous translation;
  • events secretary's office;

among others, essential to the operation of a quality event.

Our technical team and operators are trained and qualified to perform from a pre-budget technical visit to the operation and dismantling of systems, providing all customer support needed.

JLP serves multiple event types in the Southeast, especially in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Our customers still rely on a technical specialized consulting in all types of events, to gauge the specific needs of the local.

Promptly serve your company with guaranteed excellent results, highly competitive costs and compatible to the budget determined by the client, with options appropriate for your goal, without prejudice of best technical quality.

We are a company that provides audiovisual services for conferences, seminars, lectures, national and international conferences, seminars, forums, exhibitions, international events, meetings, conferences, among others.

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