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We work with complete lighting systems applied to events of small, medium and large companies, like filming, recording, streaming files, highlighting products, composition of scenarios, shows, presentations, among others.
We offer customized solutions, providing pleasant and personalized environment.

Illumination equipments

Moving Head

  • 5 DMX channel
  • Pan 540° Tilt 270°
  • Pre-programs activated by sound or in function master/slave
  • 14 gobos disc, 1 interchangeable, 2 glasses, 1 fo efect 10 of metal
  • Gobo shaking effect, shutter and blackout
  • Discs with 11 colors
  • Rainbow effect
  • Strobo of variable velocity 1~10 F.P.S
  • Angle beam of 16º
  • Lamp: ELC 24v 250W
  • Tension AC 220V

LED Cannons

  • The LED Cannon technology have all the lights needed, voltage having auto Bi-Volt, sound sensor, changing lights, so the colors change according to the sound, whether high or low. These models have 179 LED's, 59 reds, 60 greens and 60 blue LEDs. With the technology of the 6-channel frequencies, the lights change and blend according to the channel program for pre-Digital Display.
  • It is worthwhile to have all this technology in their parties and enents, thus giving viewers more lively and beautiful and with great quality and durability of LED lamps.

Sky Walker

  • Sky Walker is a great reflector of power for outdoor use. With 4000W, projects a beam of white light, which can be seen at a distance of up to 10km (depending on weather conditions).
  • PAN has movement (left-right) and has adjustable tilt. Coated glass reflector and ahigh-power xenon lamp uses a high gloss.
  • Its main applications are: shopping centers, nightclubs, parks, cultural and historicalevents, hotels, etc.

Smoke Machine

  • Power: 400W
  • Heating: 8 minutes
  • Internal reservoir of 300ml
  • Control with 2 meters of wire
  • The voltages: 110V and 220V

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