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Our sound systems are composed by reputable equipment and brands in domestic and international markets. We work with projects that ensure coverage and intelligibility of the PA system area

Mixer - 24 channels


  • Model: Beringher
  • 24 channels and 16 mono mic / line + 4 stereo channels
  • 1 MONO output with selectable low-pass filter 30 to 200Hz for subwoofer
  • 16 INSERTS + Main Mix, 2 AUX SENDS, 2 FX SENDS, two stereo auxiliary RETURNS
  • Semi-parametric equalizer 3-band + low cut on mono channels and 4 stereo channels bands
  • Stereo graphic equalizer with 9-band FBQ function (Fedeeback Detection System) selectable
  • 2 multi-effects processors and 24-bit bus with 4 SOLO / PFL + for  MAIN MIX addressing
  • Output CONTROL ROOM / PHONES independent, TALKBACK function with internal microphone
  • CD / TAPE IN with volume control, TAPE OUT for recording on tape or CD recorder
  • GAIN, PAN, MUTE, SOLO / PFL, Phantom Power on all mono channels, 60mm faders
  • Inside Universal Source 100 to 240V - 50/60 Hz
  • STANDBY switch disables all the mic during breaks while background music can be played via the CD / TAPE
  • Width / Height / Depth - 682mm / 100mm / 410mm 

Sound boxes - several models


Wireless Handheld Microphone

  • Type of System: Diversity UHF Wireless Handheld Rack Mountable / Table
  • Working Range: 100m
  • Overall Frequency Response: 45Hz-15kHz, + /-2dB
  • Signal to Noise: >100 dB A-weighted Number of Channels: 90 selectable frequencies
  • Number of Simultaneous Systems: 12

Gooseneck microphone

  • Gooseneck 45cm, black, cardioid capsule, with XLR connector
  • Gooseneck microphones are an ideal solution for miking of podiums and pulpits
  • Suitable for speech and vocal sound reinforcement, these microphones are of the cardioid condenser, with modeled response and capture of 50Hz to 17kHz
  • Suitable for Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, Classrooms and Houses of Worship
  • It has a flexible stem ("Gooseneck") 18" (45 cm) with XLR-type connector. 

Lapel microphone

  • Created for active musicians and dynamic presenters who also manage their own sound, lapel microphone improves performance and simplifies configuration
  • It is the simplest choice for best sound in terms of wireless systems, the leader in live performance sound in live performance. UHF frequencies

Headset microphone

  • Wired or wireless system for use with headset microphone
  •  90 frequencies in UHF
  • Comprising a PGX4 receiver, a body-pack transmitter PGX1, condenser and a headset microphone frequency response of 50Hz-18000Hz.

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